The Gift of Louisiana Cuisine Made Easy

For more than a decade, Lake Charles has been home to one of the most delicious secrets in the country. Big Easy Foods—a locally owned business, managed by partners Larry Avery and Mark Abraham—found its early footing by producing and selling unique recipes of sausage and boudin in stores throughout Southwest Louisiana.

Then known as French Market Foods, the company’s products grew in popularity with the local community. With popularity came demand, and that demand required bigger and better manufacturing capabilities to meet it. Avery and Abraham knew it was the right time to implement their vision of growth by enhancing their product outputas well as their product line—and they knew that Lake Charles, Louisiana was the right place to do it.

Once the 15,000 square foot USDA plant was complete, the Big Easy Foods brand expanded by developing a unique and flavorful holiday classic; the Louisiana stuffed Tur-Duc-Hen. From inception, the stuffed Tur-Duc-Hen earned its place on dinner tables across the country, and with Big Easy Foods offering seven unique stuffing recipes, their Tur-Duc-Hens found favor with a broad palette of holiday dining sensibilities.

To help sasiate the national craving for this savory Louisiana delicacy, Big Easy Foods implemented a user-friendly e-store where those with an appetite for all-things-Louisiana can shop and ship, having the flavors of the deep south delivered directly to their door with very little effort. The Big Easy Foods website——makes it quite easy to find and ship the entire Big Easy Foods line, which has grown far beyond its original sausage and boudin borders. This innovative and evolving line now includes a buffet of single serving and dinner sized Louisiana entrées, boneless stuffed chickens, Louisiana seasoning, boudin balls, cornbread casseroles and meat pies.

While the Big Easy Foods name has become synonymous with sausage, boudin and Tur-Duc-Hens, the brand is also a major supplier of Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp to stores across America. In recent years, public awareness about the superb quality and flavor of Louisiana shrimp has increased, shifting demand away from chemically infused foreign competitors. This changing tide has helped position Big Easy Foods as a premier processor of domestic shrimp in the gulf coast region, placing Big Easy Foods branded Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp in grocery stores, restaurants and popular seafood recipes.

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays fast approaching, there’s no better time to put a Big Easy Foods stuffed turkey or Tur-Duc-Hen on your menu, and being a Lake Charles, Louisiana brand makes finding their products, well… easy. Big Easy Foods products are located in grocery stores across Southwest Louisiana, and they can also be purchased by visiting their office, which is located directly behind the Big Easy Foods manufacturing facility on Ryan Street. For those that like the convenience of shopping online, or who’d like to gift Big Easy Foods to family or friends, the website is always available, providing weekly discount codes, product bundles and e-specials.

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